Transworld Tour Riding Gear

There are countless options for riding gear out there. From helmet to boots, how you dress down on a big ride can mean the difference between a successful run of things and an miserable journey cut short. TWT will utilize some of the best equipment on earth for this 15,000 mile tour–manufactured by Rigby, Idaho’s Klim Technical Riding Gear.

When selecting the right set-up for this trip, I had to consider the fact that I would be riding in conditions ranging from the desolate and arid Nullabor plain of southern Australia, to the tropical downpours of southeast Asia. Waterproof, comfortable, durable, and breathable were infinitely important characteristics when selecting gear.

The Klim Traverse line-up is a cost-conscience but versatile shell system that will allow me to layer for any conditions imaginable.

Check out this video to see how the Traverse handled a ride through northern Africa:

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