Bike in hand


May 24: Picked up the Green Hornet after 5 days of planes, trains and automobiles (buses) with 150lbs of gear on my shoulders. Its nice to have my freedom back. I would be remiss if I failed to say a special thank you to the kind folks at Freight Net of Brisbane. They made a terrible situation with the freight forwarder in Los Angeles bearable, and were nice enough to pick me up from the train station and drop me off at the bike. High quality people, for certain!

2 thoughts on “Bike in hand

  1. Hey – what about the nice lady on the train who lent you her phone who was going home early from work as she was unwell. Sorry you had such a rotten start to this trip and I know the weather up north has not been as lovely as usual. But keep smiling and chatting with people. 🙂

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