Krabi Town


The munge and barely apparent dangers of southeast Thailand quickly gave way to more comfortable surroundings as I headed north from Hat Yai on Thai A2.

On to the southern beaches.

Krabi Town was the only logical choice, as Phuket has been overrun with development and from what I have been told, a rather seedy night life scene. Krabi reminds me of any fishing town on the Oregon Coast, boasting a reverent balance between local industry and tourist services.

Going off of strong reviews, I elected go stay at the Chan Cha Lay Guest House in the heart of town. It offers a spotless but basic room with A/C for 350 baht (about $12). I stashed the bike in front of the owner’s car in the driveway for the next few days of exploration on foot.

Today I splurged and decided to pay for a day tour of several staple area haunts. For about $50, I was treated to a jungle hot springs soak, mineral pool swim, hike to the top of Tiger Temple (1,200+ vertical steps–earning every last one in near 100% humidity), and an elephant ride–all complete with lunch.


I typically stay away from these types of things, but I am glad I opted for this one. Had a great time, met some cool folks, got to kick it with some monkeys, and covered a few must-do items.





Working my way up the beaches tomorrow for a change of scenery. More to come…

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