SE Asia: Check


What a trip! From torrential monsoonal rains to monks oggling my bike at Chumphon station, to the magical mists of the Cameron Highlands, to ascending a wicked pitch to the top of Tiger Temple, to the mind numbing intensity of Bangkok–I can safely say that I now have a fresh firsthand perspective on many things that once seemed like fiction.

Thank you Luke Doherty, Ban Zen Motorcycles, the BMW Motorrad of South Thailand, Courtney Allen and Stephen Peasley for making this leg of Transworld Tour a wonderful success and great adventure.

North America, Europe and Central Asia are in the pipeline to finish off the circumnavigation. Keep an eye out for updates over the coming months.

Proper photos and video will also be posted shortly.

Thanks for following, and I hope you have enjoyed the ride!

Andrew Mentzer

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